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Maria was born in Barcelona. She completed her law studies in the University of Barcelona. After getting her degree, she participated in additional postgraduate courses in urbanism and real estate law at the same University. She is the soul of the company and the person responsible for the logistical and financial areas of Bcn Apartment Rentals.
Maria founded Loft Immobles 15 years ago based on a concept of family business dedicated to the buying and selling of real estate in general and particularly for properties of family heritage.

Soon after, responding to the needs of the market that demanded such property to be profitable, they decided to incorporate into the company the new business of renovating old properties, and thus created a team specifically dedicated to the renovation of these buildings including architects, skilled construction workers, interior designers, etc.

The ultimate destiny of the properties and the business was devoted to short term rentals. To achieve this, they had to equip all the apartments with everything needed to make them suitable for daily use by guests, travellers and tourists (electrical appliances, dishes, bed linens, towels and much more.

The result was optimal profitability for the apartments.
The expansion of the company was then turned over to their friends and acquaintances by providing them with the opportunity to aquire real properties, and in the meantime offering them their personal range of products and services for renovation and decoration at unbeatable prices and with all the guarantees. To meet this goal, they created with their friends and new partners, the company called Estudi i Gestió d'Espais S.L.

Finally, they also placed the management of short term stays and vacation rentals in the hands of their customers, in what is now the newest division of the company known as BCN APARTMENT RENTALS. Believing that they can achieve 80% monthly occupancy, they plan on using the other 20% (the remainder of the month), to arrange visits for future buyers and sales.

There are currently no other companies in Barcelona that provide all these services.


BCN Apartment Rentals worked for years with apartments in the main areas of the most visited cities of Spain and the rest of Europe. We work for you to get the best deal on holidays, with the best quality and comfort.



BCN Apartment Rentals is a company that rents apartments for short and long stays, making the properties profitable for its owners and useful for our guests' holidays. Be free to get information.

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